Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the grand scheme of things

I have this idea for a blog...

It's not that I think my weekly menus are earth shattering.  Nor do I believe everyone wants to eat like me and my family.  Still, I want to share our day to day dinners, our homestyle family meals that regular people eat.  We eat rather simply -- no five star gourmet dishes grace my dining room table -- but we do have a sit-down family dinner together almost every day of our lives. 

Over the years I have taught four picky eaters how to graciously try new foods and expand their palettes.  I'm still working on getting the fifth picky eater to eat more than hot dogs and white bread with butter.  I'll let you know if we ever get there. 

Making dinner (and lunch.. and breakfast...) every day of my life can get tedious, and even though I have always loved to cook, I still have to find ways to keep the day to day work of it all from getting too unbearable.  I frequently try new recipes to spice things up and keep it interesting for me.  We have found some great new favorites and some truly awful dishes that way. 

I have started another food blog or two, but I have a problem with the typical food blod.  There's just so much pressure to only post recipes that are so mouth-wateringly delicious they bring a tear to your eye. 

This isn't that blog. 

Don't get me wrong - there definitely will be some dishes so tasty they make you want to cry -- or at least have seconds -- but we'll probably have a few on the opposite end of the spectrum, too.  As I try new recipes, I'll post them and how they turn out and whether or not I believe the not-so-great ones are worth trying to save.  I will also share our old stand-bys and family favorites...  even the ones I'm not particularly fond of but my kids and/or husband love.

Basically, this is what we're eating for dinner, day to day, week to week, month to month, and hopefully we'll all find some new favorites together.  Please, please leave lots of comments and share some recipes of your own - I'm always looking for something new to try. 

So here's the plan: great food, great fun, great company.  Are you ready?  Ok, here we go!

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